Donations & Gifts

Donations & Gifts

The Spalding Town Husbands have been very fortunate to receive donations and bequests from time to time for both the Almshouse Charity and the Relief in Need Charity. Donations have been made by local individuals, companies and other charitable trusts and on occasions bequests have been made in Wills of local residents. 

Monies received from donations and bequests have been used by The Town Husbands to fund the building of additional almshouses and also to fund the grants made to individuals in need by the Relief in Need Charity. 

The Town Husbands are very appreciative of the financial support given to them by their benefactors and hope that this support will continue in the future. 

There is an ongoing need for the Almshouse Charity’s stock of almshouses to be increased, 50 applications having been received in respect of the ten recently completed John van Geest Homes in Larkspur Way/Rosemary Close.  

Income from the Relief in Need Charity’s land and investments has for a number of years fallen well short of what would be required were a grant to be made to all deserving applicants.

If any individual, company or charity is interested in making a donation or bequest to the Almshouse Charity or the Relief in Need Charity they should contact the Clerk for further information.